the releases - an ongoing list, all free

This list is a collection of music made by a group of friends - all available for free.
When browsing through these links, try downloading the .zip files from Internet Archive, rather than selecting one track at a time.
Also, please note that our Studio Projects are usually highly-produced masterpieces that can vary greatly from the Live Sets, which could be anything from radio appearances to psychedelic drone experiments. Listen with care.

LATEST UPDATE (11.04.2011)

blackhole, byebye lyric book and zine: BHBB Zine (2011).
Swimming tracks available on his new site.
thelittlestillnotbigenough made a new TUMBLR.
blackhole, byebye has a new SoundCloud.

arranged by group and date
blackhole, byebye
glossolalia (2010)


THE remix (2009)
practices and demos vol. 1 (2009)
...thebignooneunderstandsme (2007)
...stilldontunderstandthemselves (2006)

Facta Non Verba
Facta Non Verba (2006)

arranged by collective and priority of recommendation

THE Live on KHSU (2008)
May 25th, 1st hour (2009)
May 25th, 2008 2nd Hour (Cherries and Flashing Lights) (2009)
organgrindersgrindingorgans (2006)

Trees Are Neurons
Trees Are Neurons - live at the Sacred Palace (2008)
Trees Are Neurons - Live at the Tree House (2008)

Pretty Hemp Princess (aka Encephalous)
Frizzltroniks and Plunderphonics - KDVS 90.3 radio show archives

League of Synaptic Diremption
LSD - Nipple Echo 1 (2008)
LSD - Nipple Echo 2 (2008)
LSD - Nipple Echo 3 (2008)

Space Ocean
Space Ocean - After Pushing the Envelope, A Paper-Cut Tongue (2007)

Apt. A
Apt. A - The First Day of Spring (2005)

Facta Non Verba
B-Sides and Jams (2005)
LIVE at the Woodland Opera House (2005)
Plastic Non Verba (2005)
The Boy in the Water Heater (2004)
The Borders Sessions (2004)
Slideshow and Practice Footage

alternate info on the artists and affiliations we claim

THE tumblr
blackhole, byebye SoundCloud
Swimming (member of thelittlestillnotbigenough)
Pretty Hemp Princess (aka Encephalous)
Encephalous' videos on Vimeo